5 Ways Technology is Improving Community Infrastructure Management

From how we shop to how we watch TV, technology has given us more choices. And it’s giving communities more control over their extensive portfolio of public assets, too.

Chris Bushnell
June 3, 2022
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In the real world of underground pipes and above-ground roadways, cloud-based GIS platforms are helping local leaders in five key ways.

1. Getting a handle on where things stand. When systems were built years or even decades ago, records are often outdated, incomplete, or missing altogether. This challenge is solved by capturing a digital inventory that is accessible to the client regardless of their location and, importantly, in an emergency scenario.

Saving on costs for improved performance. Every piece of equipment or structural element has a functional lifespan. Proactively tracking the age, condition, and vulnerability of these assets enables preventative assessment and maintenance. This has the two-fold benefit of extending service life and reducing downtime, which adds up to cost savings and satisfied stakeholders.

3. Improving long-term capital planning.
When managers have a complete picture of their assets and their condition, they have the perspective needed to plan and prioritize capital improvements. Plugging the raw data for individual assets into a smart system makes it possible to bring information into focus and demonstrate need for repairs to decisionmakers.

4. Elevating security and resiliency.
Having an offsite technology platform offers the peace of mind that critical information is guaranteed to be available 24/7/365 – even in severe or emergency conditions. In a crisis, this frees up resources for communication and response when every minute makes a difference and multiple people have access to the same information.

5. Qualifying for more public funding.
Digital asset management systems are more often becoming a requirement to qualify for public funding. Although the federal infrastructure package has increased the resources available in the near-term, the need for financial resources will persist. Technology can help save money and quality for more of it.

At its best, technology makes our lives easier and oftentimes safer. The benefits of digital asset management make it that kind of valuable tool.

Wooten has partnered with local leaders for more than 85 years on community infrastructure improvements. Reach out to let us know your priorities. Our asset management team stands ready to assist.

Chris Bushnell

Chris Bushnell joined Wooten in fall 2020 as the marketing communications specialist.

Chris Bushnell joined Wooten in fall 2020 as the marketing communications specialist.