Experiences not only make our lives more interesting; they also spark ideas for how to support communities and the people who live there. Here’s what we've been thinking about lately.

Wooten Staff Cleans Up with Raleigh's Adopt a Stream Program

Volunteers removed more than 750 pounds of trash from Bridges Branch, which flows into Crabtree Creek. Read More

Water Improvements Helped Raleigh Ride a Wave of 20th Century Growth

As resident engineer, L.E. Wooten supervised construction of the E.B. Bain Water Treatment plant, which went into service in 1940. Read More

With Influx of Infrastructure Funds, Ensuring Davis-Bacon Compliance

The Davis-Bacon Act sets wages for most federally-funded construction contracts. Read More

An Outcome-Driven Approach to Water Infrastructure

Here are four specific, recommended state and local implementation actions. Read More

Engineers Week: Reimagining the Possible, Together

Engineers Week, or EWeek, aims to promote understanding and interest in engineering and related occupations. Read More

9 Water Infrastructure Highlights of the North Carolina State Budget

North Carolina state budget funding adds more resources for community infrastructure improvements. Read More