We’re focused on creating environments that benefit and resonate with people — both in our communities and within our walls.

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People First

Building on a Tradition of Designing the Future

When we say we support community, that starts in our own backyard. We aim to give back to the people who help Wooten design the future for others. Our commitments to quality, capability, and sustainability inform how we treat everyone — from our clients to our employees.

Wooten works closely with local leaders to promote prosperity and quality of life for today and to benefit future generations. Building on this foundation of tradition are the core values that drive everything we do.

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from our team

“Seeing the community participation in our projects makes me feel as if we are part of something bigger. It’s not just about designing the project and getting a permit; it’s how it impacts the people around it and the economy.”
— Ana Wadsworth, PE, Project Manager, Raleigh Home Office