Delivering Sustainable Engineering for Blue Cross Blue Shield

Energy-saving, cost-reducing features are built into everything from the parking deck to the data center.

Location Durham, NC Durham, NC
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Wooten has worked on several projects for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, providing mechanical, engineering and plumbing services. Those projects include data center modifications, a five-story office building, and six-level parking deck.

The corporate office is designed to use 65% less energy and half the water per square foot than the company's traditional office space. Up to 20% of the materials used in construction are recycled including material for masonry, countertops, interior finishes as well as parking area.

The facility was designed with water and energy-saving features throughout including: Efficient light fixtures and use of natural light, water and energy-conserving heating and air conditioning systems, use of captured rainwater for toilets and air conditioning, drought-resistant plants and landscaping. The project has been certified as LEED Gold.