Constructing a sustainable future takes an experienced team of capable people working together to promote thriving communities.

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Our leaders inspire us to keep thinking — and designing — outside the box.

At Wooten, our leadership team creates the blueprint for how to leverage our strengths, expand our capabilities, and to move forward collectively as a company. Their priority on character, relationships and solutions keeps us focused on the actions that make a real difference for our people and our clients.

Because of our leaders’ periscopic awareness of the pertinent issues that are present both inside and outside our industry, we are able to better understand our clients’ wants and needs — and develop environments that meet the moment but are flexible enough to evolve as time goes by.

And while our design teams are able to react and adapt to the challenges of today, our Board of Directors are guided by a strategy for growth. The Board’s focus on the technological and financial resources that could benefit our clients moving forward keep our firm competitively positioned, fiscally sound and appropriately staffed to deliver project excellence over the long term.


Senior Leadership

Gary Hartong, PE

Brian Johnson, PE

Bob Egan, PE

Charlie Davis, PE

Don Gantt, PE

John Grey, PE

Scott Ennis, PE

Lester Lowe, PE

Tim Ingold, PLS, CFS

Will Larsen, PE

John Stephens, PE


from our Leadership

“We revel in every opportunity to partner with local leadership and their teams. They take pride in their communities. And Wooten's promise is to design and deliver infrastructure that promotes a high quality of life for their residents for generations to come.”
— Gary Hartong, Wooten President