Community Center Designed with Neighborhood in Mind

Renovations empower residents with internet access as well as educational opportunities and neighborhood cohesion.

Location Pembroke, North Carolina Pembroke, North Carolina
image for Community Center Designed with Neighborhood in Mind

Wooten undertook a project to provide the Pembroke Housing Authority’s community center with a complete renovation. Project Architect Russell Pearlman developed design plans and construction documents to outfit the Clinton Thomas Community Center. This renovation provided for office space, study rooms, movies, recreation room, family event room, and health screening capabilities for the residents of the Housing Authority. These renovations, which involved lighting, roofing, windows, landscaping, HVAC components and complete interior refinishing, allowed residents improved access to jobs by providing internet connectivity, educational opportunities and ultimately an asset for the neighborhood to come together around. While the Community Center was completed in 2012, the Pembroke Housing Authority continues to work together with The Wooten Company as it strives towards making a positive impact for its residents.