Completing Elevator Modernization for Multi-Prime Contract

NC State University

Location Raleigh, North Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina
image for Completing Elevator Modernization for Multi-Prime Contract

The Wooten Company provided design services and construction administration to modernize the 3,000 lb capacity, 4-stop hydraulic passenger elevator in Daniels Hall. The project was bid as a multi-prime contract with an elevator contract, general contract, and an electrical contract. The elevator contractor was the project expeditor.

Specific work included the replacement of the hydraulic pumping unit including the tank, motor, pump and valves, as well as the motion/motor/operation controller. The cab interior was upgraded with stainless steel returns, headers, jambs, and a car door sill, alongside new laminate on the walls, new ceiling panels, and new flooring.

General work for the modernization of the elevator included painting the hoistway doors and frames, painting the machine room floor and ceiling, providing fire blocking in the machine room, closing off the vent in the machine room, enlarging the hole in the machine room wall for the new HVAC unit, and providing the openings for the new hallway fixtures.