Creative Solutions Devised for Subdivision Sewer System

Britt Development contacted our Greenville Regional Office to design an alternative system on a residential building lot in the Park Meadows subdivision.

Location Newport, North Carolina Newport, North Carolina
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After the initial meeting, it was determined that there were several lots in the subdivision that were unsuitable for on-site septic systems and therefore unbuildable. Undeterred, the team pushed forward and, after further evaluation, found one parcel that could be used as a “cluster system” to provide sewage disposal to seven of the "unbuildable" lots. By limiting the design flow to less than 3,000 gallons per day, the permitting was issued through the local health department which further expedited the project. Each individual lot would have a pump tank to pump the effluent to a treatment system on the disposal lot. The effluent would then be treated by an AdvanTex unit to a TS-II standard prior to being dispersed on the lot by a surface drip system. We also assisted the developer with construction coordination, county health department and restrictive covenants for the parcels connected to the system.