Evaluation Prompts Collaboration Between App State and Town of Boone

The first step was determining how to make an emergency interconnection between the university and the town's water supply system.

Location Boone, North Carolina Boone, North Carolina
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This water distribution system project began with an evaluation of how to best provide an emergency interconnection with the Town of Boone’s water supply system, and an evaluation of the current operating condition of the existing pressure reducing valve at the booster pump station. Following this preliminary work, Clarence Lockamy and his team then designed the replacement of approximately one mile of existing undersized and deteriorated water lines, as well as 3,800 feet of new 16-inch water line in the heart of the App State campus. After the design phase was complete, Clarence and his team provided construction contract administration and construction observation services for the University throughout both projects, where construction ran from Hwy 321 up Locust Street and under Sanford Mall toward Rankin Hall, as well as around I.G. Greer Hall under Academy Street. As an aside to the core project, the interconnection study also led to a joint project between ASU and the Town of Boone that resulted in a metered connection between the two water systems which The Wooten Company designed as well.