Six years of Planning Yields Groundbreaking Water Treatment Plant

Wooten collaborated with the Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority to conceive a new facility to serve residents.

Location Martin County, North Carolina Martin County, North Carolina
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After a six-year study/planning/community outreach and design period, construction of the new raw water intake facility on the Roanoke River and new water treatment plant near Williamston began.

Complicating the project, there had been no previous water treatment plants in North Carolina designed and constructed to operate on a free flowing river this close to a salt water estuary.

Construction of the 2 MGD water treatment facility to serve two eastern NC county water districts, as well as the Town of Williamston, included the raw water intake facility's two 2100 gpm pumps, approximately 1 mile of raw water transmission main, an eleven million gallon raw water reservoir with multiple pump facilities, up-flow clarifiers, high rate filters, 700,000 gallons of onsite finished water storage, and approximately 4 miles of new finished water transmission main.

Wooten's construction administration team provided contract administration and full-time on-site inspection over the approximately 2 year construction period that was completed in March of 2016 at a total project cost of approximately $27 million dollars.