Stakeholder Input Informs Space Needs Study to Serve the Community

Examination of existing buildings and projection of future needs set county commissioners on a path forward.

Location Camden County, North Carolina Camden County, North Carolina
image for Stakeholder Input Informs Space Needs Study to Serve the Community

Over a five-month study period, Wooten teams analyzed the County's Senior Center, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Water & Sewer, Tax, Public Works, County Administration, Economic Development, Finance, and Human Resources Departments, and NC Cooperative Extension offices.

As a starting point in determining the needs of the new buildings, the spaces in these existing buildings were measured and their functions were recorded. User input regarding their future space needs was integrated into the knowledge base.

From those space projections, a floor plan was developed: wall thickness, door swings, hallways, mechanical and electrical space, even the furniture to verify the numbers in a working model for the client. In addition to analyzing the building needs, a workable site concept was also created. Suitability of the County’s 7+ acre site was considered for accommodating projected space needs.

The site for Camden County includes the two buildings that were developed for this project: a new County Office Building which contains all functions except that housed in the new Public Works Building, provisions for stormwater retention, and more than the required number of parking spaces. To help the Commissioners discuss the way forward, an opinion of construction cost was developed and regionally adjusted. Square foot costs for Civic Offices, Community Centers, and Warehouse space were proportionally applied to the proposed new facilities.