Teaming Up with Small Town to Assess Pavement Condition

Building on a previous assessment, Wooten worked with and trained Claremont staff to ascertain the state of its community's streets and sidewalks.

Location Claremont, North Carolina Claremont, North Carolina
image for Teaming Up with Small Town to Assess Pavement Condition

Wooten assisted the City of Claremont in the update of a previous pavement condition assessment and to include a condition assessment of the City’s sidewalks. The Wooten Company prepared map books and evaluation sheets for the City’s streets and sidewalks. The City was trained by Wooten staff on how to evaluate the pavement based upon ITRE’s (Institute of Transportation Research and Education) pavement condition rating criteria and also the condition rating criteria for the City’s sidewalks. The City staff evaluated the City’s pavement and sidewalks and then provided the evaluations to Wooten staff. The evaluations were assembled and compiled to determine priority ratings for each street and sidewalk section within the City. Cost estimates were also prepared for the street and sidewalk sections based upon the deficiencies identified. The priority ratings for the conditions of the streets and sidewalks were presented in tables and maps, which were included in a final report delivered to the City for their use in budgeting upcoming street improvement projects.