Upgrading Water Utilities at Rocky Mount Engine Plant

Cummins' 1.2 million square foot facility has produced millions of engines since 1981.

Location Whitakers, North Carolina Whitakers, North Carolina
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Due to major deterioration, the plant needed to abandon three manholes, a wastewater pump station, and a force main and screening system. The company contracted with Wooten to design and construct a bypass manhole and gravity sewer, a pump station, force main and, wet well screening basket system, along with rehabilitation of existing structures.

The new pump station was designed to be operator-friendly, and existing Tsurumi pumps were re-utilized in the new pump station structure to save costs. It was tied in at the existing motor control center for the wastewater treatment facilities and a provision for connection to the Building Management System was also added. Wooten teams specified a fiberglass wet well to limit the size of the equipment required to install since the site was very confined.