Emergency Repairs Spur Resilient, Large-Scale Improvements

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the Town of Tarboro reached out to Wooten for immediate and long-term assistance.

Location Tarboro, North Carolina Tarboro, North Carolina
image for Emergency Repairs Spur Resilient, Large-Scale Improvements

During the aftermath and recovery of Hurricane Mathew in October 2016, the Town of Tarboro contacted The Wooten Company to assist the Town with the repair and replacement of a culvert drainage system located along Sunset Avenue in the Town of Tarboro. Damage from the Hurricane destroyed the existing corrugated metal culvert, waterline, sidewalks, roadway and other drainage structures. As part of the culvert analysis, it was determined that this particular culvert serviced a watershed of approximately 2,475 ac and was significantly undersized in its pre-hurricane form. The Wooten Company then provided the design of a new, dual 7’x8’ reinforced box culvert system along with technical designs for the waterline, sidewalk, and roadway repairs. The project was completed in 2017.