Improvements Mitigate Recurring Neighborhood and Roadway Flooding

Features include upsizing and parallel of existing mains and increasing the number of basins.

Location Oxford, North Carolina Oxford, North Carolina
image for Improvements Mitigate Recurring Neighborhood and Roadway Flooding

Due to flooding of large neighborhood ditches and road intersections, The Wooten Company performed an evaluation of approximately 1,750 LF of 12-inch through 48-inch stormwater piping, structures, and drainage ditch systems that convey runoff from a 66 acre multi-basin drainage area in Oxford, NC. Evaluation included survey and inventory of storm drainage system, analysis of 2-year, 5-year, 10-year, and 25-year storms, and design of improvements based on 10-year and 25-year storms. Hydraulic modeling software was utilized for analysis of existing and proposed conditions. Existing topography and roadway elevations were also evaluated to determine their contribution to flooding issues. Improvements include upsizing existing mains, parallel of existing mains, increase number of basins, and expansion, cleaning, and regular maintenance of ditches.