Nature Trail Master Plan Promotes Preservation and Community

As a prized natural resource, The Deep River Nature Trail Master Plan sets a course for future expansion while preserving the rich mill history enmeshed along the path.

Location Randleman, North Carolina Randleman, North Carolina
image for Nature Trail Master Plan Promotes Preservation and Community

Delivered in 2015, The Wooten Company developed a plan for the Town of Randleman that would incorporate the Apple Road Park, Upton Property, River Bend Property, Beach Front, Nature Center and Riverwalk along the west side of Deep River. The overall goal for the plan’s creation was to prepare the City for its application for Parks and Recreation Trust Fund support of the Phase 1 implementation. The plan elaborated on public input gathered which expressed a strong desire for the Trail, as well as itemized community health and economic benefits that could be expected to make the case for funds to construct .25 miles of new trail to the City’s Worthville property in the same year. Following goals included improving connectivity to existing trails, optimizing the trails to function as conservation and enhancement tools for floodplain and riparian and wildlife habitat, and also facilitate a multi-agency approach to new trail development.